Miss Asha (Principal)

Miss Asha is passionate about ensuring every student gets to dance and shine. She wants to make sure every single child is nurtured, cared for, supported in every single class. Since the young age of 2 she has danced, sung and acted her way through life. Performing arts has been something that has provided an escape and passion throughout her whole life. She knows how important dance and performance can be in every child’s life, no only to improve confidence but also to create a healthy and active adult. She knows how important dance can be in a child’s life and can’t wait to help your child find love and joy in every dance class they enter. Miss Asha will always make sure every single student feels welcomed every time they enter the studio doors.

Miss Jenna

To say dance has changed Miss Jenna’s life would be an understatement. Miss Jenna has been dancing since she was in diapers, as a tiny tot she would stumble around the floor, falling over her own feet. Now Miss Jenna is a full time dancer at AMPA, following her dreams of being a dancer. Dance has given Miss Jenna so much confidence allowing her to go from being a shy, anxious child to a outgoing, confident adult. She is assured to understand how scary a new environment is for her students and is very aware to make every student feel welcomed and calm. We know Miss Jenna will be a great teacher for every type of kid, no matter how shy or outgoing! Miss Jenna has a strong knowledge of dance and she can’t wait to impart her wisdom and joyful spirit to every child she meets.


Miss Jade

Miss Jade has a large heart and is always willing to give back to the community. Miss Jade puts her studio first and is always working on making herself better for the studio and students. No matter what type of student walks into her class, she is willing to adapt and work with every type of student. We have watched Miss Jade teach students of all levels how to dance and it has been wonderful to see Miss Jade’s joy and passion come through in every single class. Miss Jade has a positive and wonderful attitude to every single child in her class. She welcomes and embraces every child into her class with open arms and a full heart to help them feel joyful and confident in every single class she teaches. We know that once your child has a class with our beautiful Miss Jade, they will be in love with their wonderful dance teacher.

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