Benefits of Ballet

I was born pigeon toed and flat footed. I could not walk in a straight line without falling over my own feet. I had orthopaedics in my shoes for years but they did nothing for me. Now today, I can walk without falling over and with my feet turned out even! How did this happen. Well, the answer is ballet.

Ballet is known to the dance world as the foundation of all dance, but why is that? Why is ballet the most important style of dance for our dancers to learn and what do they get out of it?

Better Posture

With the world turning into a more technological one, our generations are turning in to hunch backed zombies as they stare at their computer, television or even their phones. This habit of bad posture will come back to haunt us as health issues occur in the future. Ballet requires a student to work on their posture in every movement. It helps create correct posture for every day which in turn improves balance and coordination. Students will get an awareness of their posture which will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Improves Flexibility and Strength

Ballet is not an easy style to master but is worth it for all dancers. It pushes the body to its limits which in turn increases flexibility and strength. Ballet teaches our dancers how safely stretch out and strengthen their muscles to reach their potential. Students need to move different parts of the body at different times, in opposing directions all while staying in time with the music. Ballet is challenging but the reward of long and strong muscles is a benefit beyond anything else.

Discipline and Dedication

Ballet is a very disciplined style of dance. There is a correct and incorrect way to do everything. Students of ballet must learn to be dedicated to the art form and practice their work. Ballet instils a sense of discipline in a student which flows out to all other areas of life including school, work and other commitments.

Endurance and energy

Ballet doesn’t just improve your strength and flexibility but it also increases stamina and energy. The release of endorphins in ballet class is so powerful and can truly raise spirits for the week to come. Students will struggle with the amount of jumping and leaping and turning at first, but I assure you after some time, they will have incredible stamina.


And of course confidence, as does all styles of dance. Confidence is a big for our children as they grow up. Ballet can do wonders in instilling confidence into our young dancers. Ballet training allows for constant improvement. As your child sees their improvement, they will see their confidence increase. They also learn to perform under stress as they perform on stage which can be so scary but incredibly rewarding.

There is so much more that ballet can do for your child that I just cannot fit into this post, but these are the most important. I hope this has inspired you to enrol your child into ballet for the new year and I can’t wait to see all these benefits be displayed through out the studio!

See you in the studio,

Miss Asha xx

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