Bust a Move is so thrilled to announce we are officially DanceStep affiliate partners. This is such an incredible program that I have seen in many studios and I know it is going to be wonderful for us as well.

What is DanceStep?

DanceStep is a leadership program for Dance Student Teacher Education. Students can be as young a 10 years old to begin this program as the program has been written for students to begin at this age. At the moment there are 4 levels of training for students to go through, that 4 years to complete. This program educates, encourages and empowers all students to give back to their studio and learn what it takes to be a positive and helpful Student Teacher.

Why should my child do this?

As you may already know our students learn so much more in the studio than how to dance. Dance allows them to explore being part of a team and gives them the tools to be resilient, confident and tenacious. Bust a Move is a place where students come to be nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential in life as they explore new things. DanceStep gives students the opportunity to give back to the studio that has already given them so much. Students will benefit from increasing their confidence, self esteem, patience, empathy, communication and leadership skills while taking this program. They explore self-awareness through the activities and learn to take on responsibility as a leader and role model to other students.

How does this program work?


Students will assist in a class once a week with their mentor teacher. They will put their theory into practice as they learn how to be an assistant teacher.


Students will be enrolled into an online Learning Platform which allows them to work through their theory modules. These theory modules include so much vital information students need to be a dance teacher including safe dance practice, anatomy, musicality, behaviour management, teaching strategies and so much more!

I know our students will learn so much from DanceStep and get so many life skills out of our program. I can't wait to see our children rise up to the challenge and become a leader in Bust A Move.

See you in the studio,

Miss Asha xx

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