Meet The Teacher: Miss Jenna

1. Give us 5 words that describe you best!

Energetic, dedicated, fun, bubbly, likeable

2. How did you start dancing?

My mum put me into dancing with my sister.

3. What’s your favourite thing about dancing?

Dance allows me to have amazing opportunities and meet new people all the time in the dance world.

4. What’s your favourite style of dance and why?

My favourite style of dance is tap because it is very rhythmical which I believe is a fundamental piece in learning to dance and improving in dance.

5. What’s your favourite treat food?

My favourite treat food is sweet chilli chips

6. What’s the craziest/most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to you/you’ve ever done?

A little bizarre but more just funny, i came home from dinner the night of my 18th birthday, opened my door and the was a life size cut out of my boyfriend in my room. I turned around and looked at him and laughed, safe to say I was pretty scared.

7. Do you have a sneaky-talent?

Secret talent, I’m good at playing fortnite # exposed

8. What are your goals as a dance teacher?

My goals as a dance teacher is to educate young dancers with my knowledge from previous experiences that I have as well as positively connect with all my students.

9. Who is your dance inspiration?

My dance inspiration is definitely the dancers around me in my own dance classes & all the kids I teach inspire me everyday.

10. What’s your favourite quote or words of affirmation?

Favourite quote: it takes hard work and dedication to constantly improve yourself

11. If you could give your students one bit of advice, what would it be?

Advice for my students: don’t EVER give up, you are never going to achieve something without consistent practice.

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