Oh no, my child is in a competition team!

Has your child just joined a competition team? Or are they begging you to join one but you just aren’t sure? Have no fear! We are gonna answer all your worries.

Dance competitions are a waste of time and money.

Dance competitions are an amazing experience for all kids. They get exercise, spend time with friends, perform on a stage, see other amazing dancers and work on performing their dances. Dance competitions create life long memories for all kids that they will value for life.

My child has never even danced before, she can’t compete? Not true! Competition teams are still just a dance class, they will learn from the beginning like every single dancer has. Even the best dancer had to start some where.

But my child will never be a professional dancer so why do competitions matter? Competitions teach kids way more than just dance. It teachers them how to be a gracious winner and a grateful loser, it teaches them about teamwork, hard work, about celebrating achievements, to be confident when presenting. The skills that these kids learn from competitions will follow them for life.

Well I watched Dance Moms and I don’t want to be like that. We have to remember that Dance Moms is a TV show and not reality. While some studios can have crazy dance moms, look around and find a studio that values inclusion and respect over winning.

I don’t know if my child will be good enough to win. They don’t need to be. We just want all kids to have fun and give it a go. Competitions are a fun and enjoyable experience they will remember for life. They will make life long friends and will learn things that are so much more important that a trophy.

While competitions can be scary, don’t let them be. Let your child join a team and create memories they won’t forget.

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