Tap Dancing? EW!

Everyone has an image that comes to mind when you imagine tap dancing, usually it is one of very old movies with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. With the top hats and canes, there is a very old fashioned and even girly stigma against tap dancing. I’m sure when you think of tap dancing something like this comes to mind:

I want to change that because the world of tap dance is an incredible, inspiring, talented and both male and female focused world. But first, why would you even care about tap dancing?


Tap dancing includes all your regular benefits of dance with the increase in confidence, the sense of team work and cooperation, the rise in self esteem and the talent the student picks up but why is tap so good?

Easy To Start:

First, it can be suited to any style, unlike other styles where you need correct technique and focus, tap can start very basic and can increase in skill very quickly. It starts as a simple style of dance for our young ones to learn.

It’s entertaining:

Tap demands the audience watch. With the loud noise of the shoes you are guaranteed to be centre of attention. This increases emotional health, self confidence and gives a voice to those who don’t have one. You find the rhythm and can even be the music.

Increase intellect:

With two feet comes two sets of responsibility. The brain is having to focus on both feet which can be doing different things while your arms and body are doing something completely different! And on top of that, it leads to a great sense of balance (especially with all the turning)


Tap will help every dance find the beat. Tappers have to hone in their skill of rhythm, beat and timing, because if you are out of time it is very noticeable. This leads into every aspect of dance, allowing the student to have a better understanding of the music they are dancing to.


Let me introduce you to the tap dogs. Dein Perry began the Tap Dogs 18 years ago in Newcastle. These Tap Dogs are now world wide phenomena and continue to tour and entertain the world in tap. They have performed in 330 cities on six continents with over 11 million people seeing their work. These guys have starred in the Australian movie “Bootmen” which shoes the story of how the Tap Dogs began which I have included a clip of below.

In 2020, Bust a Move will be bringing in a syllabus of tap written by one of the tap dogs himself. We want all students to give it a go and see what they think. Tap dancing can be so much more than old fashioned, it is modern, new, inspiring and dang awesome!

See you in the studio,

Miss Asha xx

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