The Ultimate Dance Bag Checklist

As we get ready to head back to the studio, we have come up with the ULTIMATE checklist of what to pack in your dance bag to be the most prepared and organised dancer!

  • Jazz shoes / Tap shoes / Ballet shoes (Always be prepared, you never know)

  • Socks (Just incase, always good to have a spare pair)

  • Water bottle (Gotta stay hydrated)

  • Bobby pins (To pin back those annoying hair strands)

  • Bun pins / Hair nets (To throw your hair into the perfect bun)

  • Hairspray (To make sure your hair is always neat and out of the way)

  • Hair Elastics (To pull back your hair or incase yours breaks)

  • Deodorant (Cause we all get sweaty)

  • Band aids (To help stop blisters from shoes, or incase of a cut)

  • Tennis ball (Great for rolling out sore muscles and stretching your feet)

  • Theraband (A great tool for stretching your legs and feet)

  • Yoga Block (Good for over stretching and conditioning)

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