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About Your Experience

Nurturing Every Student To Empower Incredible Achievement

       Astonishing Performing Arts always puts your child first to ensure they will have the most magical, memorable and treasured dance experience possible.


      The teachers will create a safe and nurturing environment that your child will fall in love with. Your child will come bursting into the studio every week, grinning from ear to ear, ready to learn from their wonderful teachers. They will blossom and flourish in so many ways! In their performance skills, co-ordination and rhythm. They will form life long friendships, realise their limitless potential and be a part of a community that supports and includes your child.


      Your child is a bright star who deserves to feel as such.

They will leave every class jumping for joy and twirling

around, eager to come back for more every week.

We just know your child will be obsessed with our dance

family and feel welcomed with open arms and beaming


Our Studio Values

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         At Astonishing Performing Arts, your child will dive

into our enriching curriculum that will ignite a passion in

their heart. By constantly reviewing the staff your child will

be getting the best dance experience possible. Your child

will be welcomed into our family. A family where everyone is loved, encouraged, supported and treated with respect. 


        These classes will provide your child with all the amazing benefits dance has to offer in team work, confidence, self esteem, courage and joy as they dance their way not only to a healthy lifestyle but to being their very best. 


         At Astonishing Performing Arts, your child will experience our incredible values of being part of the family, kindness, flourishing, passion and inspiration. It is guaranteed that no matter what class you are a part of, you will experience all of these from start to end. No matter if your child partakes in once a week casual classes or in every class possible, we look forward to providing them with more than just a dance experience every week at Astonishing Performing Arts.

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